When and How to Cut Financial Links

For many parents, finding the right time to cut financial ties with their children can be difficult.

When do you finish college? When do you start your first job? For many families these are questions without clear answers, and by avoiding them, you are putting off something inevitable.


When is the right time to cut ties?

When is the right time to cut ties?

  • When your heart begins to imply that it is time, the time has come . Many parents tend to wait longer than necessary to cut financial ties with their children for a sense of obligation.

The reality is that this misunderstanding loyalty is damaging your child’s personal growth through your financial support.

  • Think again about the moment when your parents cut financial ties with you . Ask yourself if it was the right time and if you learned important things.

It is the best example you have in your life about how to cut a child’s dependence on parents. It will serve as a frame of reference to decide when to do it yourself.

  • When your children are using the money to buy unnecessary things . If you see that your children are buying brand new cars and other expensive items, which are beyond their means and without your financial support they could not have it, it is time to consider reducing aid.

They are starting to use your money as part of their expected wages.

When they start to wait and demand the money you give them. When the help you give them begins to become something they have by right. It is time to stop giving and start living alone.


Tips for When the Time to Cut Financial Aid Arrives

Tips for When the Time to Cut Financial Aid Arrives

Make it clear why you are doing it . Don’t just say “In 6 months, I won’t help you anymore” because that only causes resentment.

Instead, reinforce the idea that you do it because you feel you are ready to be independent . Do not let the subject be about money, but about independence and respect for a mature person.

Let them know ahead of time . Do not limit yourself to cutting without notice, as they may have acquired financial commitments that depend on your support. On the other hand, if you give them a clear date, you can reduce your support little by little.

Offer them advice and financial support . Offer advice if they ask for it and if at any specific time they need financial support, give it to them. Although careful that it does not become a custom.




Choosing the most appropriate time to give periodic financial support to your children and the way to explain it to them are the two key points.

You should always frame this moment based on your confidence that they are already prepared.

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