Pregnancy is a disease

When I got pregnant with Carlos, they had nausea and vomited a lot. I remember then that my mother-in-law told me one day, that pregnancy for her was like a disease. A state in which the body changes so much, goes through so many phases, good and bad, that it could not be considered as normal. And I was right. All those women who claim that pregnancy is an ideal state or, directly, that it is the ideal state of the woman, make me think that either they have not gone through the “ideal state” , or they have had perfect pregnancies without any Tipon type of complication. But in real life, these are the least, the vast majority have pregnancies with “effects.”

The only good thing that pregnancy has for me is that you are going to be a mother, you are going to have a child, and that compensates every second of the nine months in which you will go through different situations, with the hormones to the fullest. I do everything on almost every occasion. Because when you are pregnant, everything changes : you take on weight and you feel bloated and heavy, you walk clumsy, you become confused, you sweat more and you feel that you smell sweat at any time and place. Because you have a super smell that makes you detest food-places-people because yes, it does not matter if they smell bad or good. Have dark and huge nipples, which do not recognize them, you suddenly come Stras in the belly and thighs when before your skin was smooth as a baby’s bottom, you feel a euphoric moments Trist times You’re exhausted, as if a truck had passed over you, especially at night, and from the sixth month on, sleep begins to be an odyssey, that there are more cushions in your bed than in a bed. Luxury puti.

Sex (almost) disappears, you are hungry at all hours and you eat as if there were not one morning . You become primary: if you are hungry, you want to eat (and �ay! If you do not get fed immediately, you get a bad milk that you do not see), if you are cold, you want to keep warm, if you have sleep, you want sleep (and you could fall asleep anywhere and anytime) And I do not understand all those women who criticize other women, when they lament their situation.

When they say “it’s normal, girl, why do you complain? What did you not know?” WHY NOT, I did not know, like none of you on the other hand (unless you’re a matron and you dedicate yourself to it) It’s IMPOSSIBLE that nobody knows how your pregnancy will be, if it’s going to go wrong or good, If you are going to bleed or have a placental detachment, if you are going to vomit or you will be so happy. It is impossible to know that you will change the character to become an angry person, you’re going to take four showers a day because you always seem strange smell, the feet will swell you so you need a shoe size more, or that you escape the pee at the least sneeze. And even if I had known everything, why can not I complain? Why can not I say how I feel? The important thing is that, as a pregnant woman, I feel loved, supported and understood. It takes a little more feminine corporatism, empathy, and affection, which does not cost so much.