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On most occasions when you need to get money as quickly as possible and quickly it is necessary that that amount of money you have requested arrives your checking account as quickly as possible so that you can access it and use it for whatever you want.

Of all the types of financing products that exist the fastest to get money is using a credit card but what happens if you don’t have one or the credit limit money is not enough to meet your needs?

A financial product that it takes to grant

A financial product that it takes to grant

Applying for a credit card is not a solution since it is a financial product that it takes to grant. You have to send the documentation they ask for, you have to wait for the bank to study it and then it will tell you if it is granted or not. The process can take a couple of weeks or up to a month.

However, if there is a financial product focused on urgent money needs. In this case I am talking about the mini credit.

So you know how you can access the money from a mini loan as quickly as possible I will explain in the article today a series of guidelines that you must follow to access the money as soon as possible.

How to have a mini credit money in your account as soon as possible

How to have a mini credit money in your account as soon as possible

3 are the key points that you should keep in mind so that you can get money as quickly as possible and that it is in your account at the fastest speed. Let’s see what 3 points are:

Keep the documentation that you are going to request to hire the mini loan close by

In all the mini credits you request, they will ask you for the same documentation, so in order to expedite the granting of the money and its arrival in your checking account it is very important that you have all the papers that you are going to to ask for already prepared.

These papers are:

– Photocopy of your National Identity Document (DNI).

– A bank statement in which the holder and the current account are reflected, where the requested money will be deposited and where the fees will be paid, subsequently until the end of the mini loan.

– A document that justifies your periodic income. If you work for someone else, you are worth a payroll, if you work on your own you will need proof of income.

To send these documents, you generally have two options:

– Scan them and send them by email to the financial institution.

– Send them by fax to the number indicated by the entity that grants you the mini credit.

Both means are instantaneous, that is, the entity will receive the documents instantly in most cases, except for technical problems, which will greatly expedite the hiring of the mini loan.

Your bank must work with the mini credit entity

Your bank must work with the mini credit entity

Once you have been granted the mini loan, the next step is for the money you have requested to reach your checking account as soon as possible.

For this it is important that the bank where you have contracted the current account that you have indicated to get the money as quickly as possible is one of the entities with which the company that has granted you the mini credit works.

The mini credit companies have accounts in several banks to accurately expedite the arrival of money to customers requesting their mini credits but logically they do not have accounts in all banks.

If your checking account is in a bank with which the mini credit company works, then the money will arrive almost instantly because it would be a transfer between accounts of the same entity.

However, if this were not the case then a transfer would be made between accounts of different banks, so it would take time for the money to be available in your checking account between 24 hours and 48 hours.

Also, if there is a weekend or a holiday in between, this period may be longer.

Therefore, as you can see, this is not an unimportant aspect if you want to get the money as quickly as possible.

To know it, it is best to visit the website of the mini credit company since in most cases it clearly indicates it.

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