How Can You Protect Your Home From Theft During the Holidays?

The holidays are here for many, but not for friends of others who are busy especially during these dates on the occasion of our absence at home.

In this sense, in 2015 alone there were 113,452 robberies with force in homes in Spain, according to data provided by the Ministry of Interior.

To make matters worse, the techniques have been refined, and now the thieves use frequency inhibitors to disable mobiles and alarms, as well as being aware of our trips through the indiscretions that we slip into social networks.

Therefore, you better be aware of all the tips and recommendations that we are going to tell you to shield your home during the holidays and get the ‘poo’ pass by.


Mondays, the preferred day to steal

day to steal

Did you know that Mondays are the day when more robberies are perpetrated? Yes, that is the day of the week with the highest incidence. Of course, there is also a ‘magic hour’ for thieves since they usually drop by our homes between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning. While the time slot between 06:00 and 07:00 is the quietest in these matters.

As for the date of the calendar most conducive to theft, it seems that between August 14 and 15 – national holiday – is when the poopers work the most.

However, we can add something positive and that the incidence of robberies has fallen compared to 2014. In fact, they have been reduced by 6.1%.


Tips to prevent theft during the holidays

Tips to prevent theft during the holidays

The truth is that if we use a series of guidelines, we can minimize the scares. In this sense, we should update ourselves on certain techniques that thieves are putting into practice to consummate their crimes. Take note:

  • If you are in the house, do not leave the key placed inside, since the thief can turn it from the outside with a powerful magnet.
  • If you notice strange marks on the housing portal, do not hesitate to call the police, as it can be information about some uninhabited housing, people who live in it, among other important details for a caco.
  • Be sure to leave doors and windows tightly closed. It may seem obvious, but it is not bad to remember.
  • Do not hide the keys in typical places. Those things better leave them for the movies and do not resort to the pot of the entrance to hide your keys.
  • Hide valuables. That is, do not leave valuable objects that tempt potential thieves in sight of doors or windows.
  • Security door. It is best to opt for an armored car, but if it is not possible, make sure that at least it incorporates two closures and that there is no gap below.
  • Keep the mailbox empty. A mailbox full of letters is the most obvious symptom of uninhabited housing. Ask someone to collect your mail so as not to raise suspicions among friends of others.
  • Signs of life at home. If the blinds are not closed at all, there is some light and even if home automation helps you create that theater of people swarming around the house, perfect to scare away thieves.
  • Alarm. Obviously if you have one in the house, much better to avoid the ‘unexpected visits’.
  • Install bars. Of course you should weigh this option if you reside in a chalet, a low house or even an attic.

This is, in broad strokes, the package of measures you must take to keep thieves’ visits at bay. However, we must add two more that are the product of the new times. Yes, we talk about our passion to tell our trips on social networks and the dangers of geolocation.


Better tell your trip ‘deferred’ and not ‘live’

A budget helps you sleep better at night

In this sense, we must restrain our desire to tell that we are going on a trip before doing it and, of course, during. If we did we would be paving the way for thieves who would know when we are leaving and when we will return.

In addition, we must check the privacy of our social accounts and ensure that they are only accessible to friends and family and not a public square through which anyone walks.

It also disconnects the geolocation of the mobile so that it does not chive where you are from.


An online loan to install a security system in your home

An online loan to install a security system in your home

Do not forget that if you need financial support to install an alarm or an armored door in your home and, in this way, breathe easier during your trip, in our online loan comparator you can consult a wide catalog of credits and request the most convenient .

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