Ne A: Through maternity, for motherhood.

Ne A what is primarily a super team (special mention for Flavie …) available, responsive, friendly and very attentive to the needs and expectations of the future and new mothers who may feel lost among all these product choices of care and baby toilet . Moreover, I have tested several ranges of products since the birth of Chiara – from the most industrial to the most expensive, then the most popular on Instagram to the most confidential … In any case, I tried to select more natural . Of course, I do not always read all the labels of what I consume daily for cruel lack of time (then by laziness too) and then often, I do not understand much. So I always easily trust girlfriends, customer reviews on the Internet, word of mouth and Instagram moms .

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to receive for Chiara’s birthday the complete range Born in order to test their range of baby care and give you a sincere and objective opinion on these three products.

The brand

Born to offer dermo-cosmetic products baby bio, Made in France and guaranteed without any molecule at risk or endocrine disruptor. The range has been carefully developed in partnership with maternity professionals, and is now used by care teams in these facilities. In your products, no paraben, no phenoxyethanol, no phthalate, no betaine … in short, no endocrine disruptor or molecule at risk. Just sweetness, a formula of very high quality and above all a lot, a lot of love!

Certifications: High Quality Commitments

  • All products of the brand are formulated and made in France
  • 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
  • Developed with the greatest respect for people and the environment, the whole range is certified by ECOCERT, ensuring both transparency and traceability. Ecological and biological cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard available on

All products in the dermo-cosmetics range are guaranteed:

Paraben free (endocrine disruptor), without phenoxyethanol (teratogen), without petrochemicals (non-renewable resource), without bisphenol A (endocrine disruptor), without perfume and synthetic dye (non-renewable resources), without betaine (irritant), without sulphate ( irritating and harmful to the environment), alcohol-free (no irritating Ethanol), GMO-free (precautionary principle), no nanoparticles (harmful to the environment), no essential oil, no nuts (allergenic), 100% perfume natural



  • Baby washing gel – body and hair – 400 ml Top of the form € 14.50 EUR

This baby washing gel with organic verbena cleans without attacking the lipid film. Used for daily bathing, it also re-hydrates and soothes baby’s skin. Its neutral pH ensures a very gentle formula that respects delicate skin and baby hair. Its pump system allows easy use of the product. 100% natural fragrance

  • Bottom of form Baby cleansing milk – without rinse – 400 ml € 14.50 EUR

The non-rinse baby cleansing milk cleans and rehydrates both baby’s skin. Its formula based on organic shea butter with nourishing virtues and its neutral pH ensure softness and protection to the delicate skin of baby. 100% natural fragrance

  • Baby moisturizer – face and body – 50 ml € 11.50 EUR

This moisturizing baby care formulated with organic calendula is ideal for daily use of the face and body. It nourishes effectively and moisturizes baby’s skin durably, thus ensuring softness and protection. Used daily, this moisturizer is an ideal product for massages. Its neutral pH respects baby’s skin. Its airless technology reduces waste and prevents any alteration of the formula. 100% natural fragrance

My opinion

Thanks (or because) of Instagram, it is very easy to succumb to trends or compulsive shopping. We buy some products because a mom advises us or because we find them just pretty. This was the case for me, since several times, I bought products ( clothes, care, hygiene, childcare …) after seeing them on Instagram. I did not know Born before it was proposed to send me these 3 products to try at home and I was immediately seduced by the kindness of the team. In addition, the fact that their range of care is developed, bonded and used in maternity is very reassuring on the quality of products … The prices are totally affordable unlike other brands that also advocate the “made in France” and the ” 100% natural “. Hard to know where to go …

As for the smell, I know that many parents are sensitive to the “good smell” of care. Often, they wish that it feels good J Here, if you are followers of the big pseudo natural smells of plants or fruits; you will be inevitably sad since the products Born in – being ( really ) totally natural (including the perfume), do not feel “nothing” …. If not … the natural just. A subtle, neutral and pleasant smell and nothing more! For my part, not being a fan of strong perfumes, this aspect does not bother me absolutely – as the skin of my daughter is doing well, it’s all that matters to me.

I have not yet tested the milk because it is not a product that I used to use on Chiara. So I will offer it to a pregnant friend so that she can also enjoy the quality of products Ne A.