Credit Reprogram

The number of unemployed in the month of April is about 132 thousand, with three-quarters of them women. Although unemployment is plummeting, it is unfortunately not the result of a better economic picture but of the eviction that has been shaking this country for several years.

Those who remain are not in the most favorable living situation because their income is usually not sufficient to cover basic living expenses. The average monthly basket far exceeds the average salary, and it is widely known that the average salary is only possible in the more developed regions of Good Finance.

What is a loan rescheduling?


A large number of people take out loans to survive and to cover their usual expenses. But labor market uncertainty has pushed many into reprogramming of loans . Loan reprogramming involves a change in the manner and timing of loan repayment due to a sudden loss of business or death.

Reprogramming a loan is not the same as refinancing a loan, and the two often mix. Refinancing a loan means closing down all your debts and consolidating them under one new loan. In translation, this means that loans that are duly settled are refinanced and those that are not repaid on a regular basis are rescheduled.

Credit Reprogramming


Loan reprogramming is more common with long-term loan commitments and larger amounts. Most often, it is a rescheduling of home loans and loans intended for renovation. Smaller loan amounts do not need to be rescheduled, they can be “repaired” with online loans. Online loans are a quick and easy way to save your home budget and repay smaller loans. Reprogramming a loan in this situation is not necessary as it will only extend the deadline and therefore increase the figure that the customer will repay.

Online loans save less credit than reprograms, and are available at home loan companies. Specifically, banks are much more rigorous in this regard and rely on financial statements for debt. Credit companies only make sure that clients have regular income and pay their debts neatly.

How to get a loan rescheduled?


Loan reprogramming can also be tempted by diverting cash. It is important to determine what all the money is going to and where everything is leaking to us. The same money that is spent on miscellaneous membership fees that is never used can be used to pay the installment loan.

Many are not even aware that they are spending money on non-use card fees, gym or library memberships, and a lot of money is being collected on a monthly basis for these things. The most important thing is to know how much money we have. A clear financial picture saves your home budget even before you enter into any debt. Allows more rational use of cash and even savings.

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Get money very quickly | Loan

There are entities and companies on the Internet that put at your service a not very large amount of money in a matter of minutes, you can usually ask to some extent if it is the first time you do it and you are not yet a customer, once the lender has Since you stick to the agreement and return the money with the agreed interest and within the established time frame, these offer you to be able to request a greater amount the next time you need to request their services.

There is a way to get money very quickly


The interest rate in this type of transactions is really high since the risk that the company offering this service runs is a great risk and should take its benefit, we are talking about a very high APR, depending on where it is requested, what you should look to compare and decide is also the period of time in which you will return it, it also depends on the interest is more or less high, the commission charged by the company and the amount you are going to request. These four factors are what will mark the total to be returned, with this figure it is with which you should consider your options and decide who asks for the money.

There are several financial entities that are dedicated to offering fast money.

There are several financial entities that are dedicated to offering fast money.

the advantage is that you can have the money almost immediately as soon as they give you an affirmative answer, you do not need hardly any documentation to process your request, you do not need to move from home because you can fix it over the phone or via the internet and you don’t have to give many explanations of why or for what, against the interest paid and the amount limit. The companies that are dedicated to lend fast money can be found in many places, they advertise on television as Cofidis that offers you up to € 6,000 in a matter of minutes, Cetelem is quite another similar to this one, there is also Findirect that offers up to 3,000 € without questions and in only 4 quick steps.

You can also find many offers of this kind on the Internet, there are even some entities that no longer need more than one sms to request what you need, in a matter of nothing they grant you the money. Technology speeds up these deals and puts at our disposal what we need in a matter of two steps and five minutes.

Or the second option

Or the second option

The consumerist and capitalist society in which we live forces us to carry a series of economic obligations that can not always be faced by liquidity problems, so if you are in this situation, take note of possible ways to get money fast.

We can sell things that we no longer use in stores specializing in the sale of second-hand items

Or, through online platforms such as Ebay, for example, where we get the money at the time of sale.

Depending on the amount that is needed we can opt for a personal loan in a traditional financial institution or fast loans in any of the companies registered in Mother Courage that offer different amounts and conditions in which our financial comparator always helps you to get the best offer. . . . In the former, the delay time is longer as a result of the bureaucratic processes of banks and banks, while in the latter we can get the money almost immediately, that is, within a few hours after its approval.

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How to Achieve Great Goals With a Bad Financial Situation?

Francis is 35 years old and earns 25,000 euros a year. Your partner earns 15,000 euros. It has two children whose annual expenses are about 5,000 euros a year. It also has some debts, between car credit and personal loans of 18,000 euros.

As we see Francis’s situation is not very good financially speaking. And yet he wants to achieve a series of financial goals such as giving his children a good education and saving for retirement.

Francis is in a more common situation than it may seem at first. Married, with two children, with debts and salaries that have been affected by the crisis. Saving for the education of your children and for retirement is like squeezing water from a rock.


What can you do if you are in a similar situation?

What can Francis do to get ahead? I await your answers in the comments. For my part, I would like to seriously consider a series of points:

Find out what the most important goal is

most important goal

And once found, focus on it. Is it your children’s education? Is it retirement ? Choosing one of the objectives is very complicated but with the little money available it is necessary to choose one or the other and try to achieve one instead of staying halfway in both.


Live as if you earn 30,000 euros

Live as if you earn 30,000 euros

That is, 25,000 euros of his salary and 5,000 euros of his partner. The remaining 10,000 euros should be paid to pay the debt as soon as possible. Getting rid of debt soon is vital so that Francis can live more comfortably and without so many worries. And it is something that I recommend to all.


Cut expenses

Cut expenses

Many people often think that they are doing well with the usual expenses, such as food, electricity and other supplies but then, when analyzing their expenses , it is seen that they can cut much more and in a simple way.

Small tricks such as trying to make a shopping list before going to the supermarket or changing normal bulbs for other ones with low consumption, can significantly reduce expenses.


Be open to new income opportunities

Be open to new income opportunities

Many people feel satisfied with their income, in the belief that they will never earn more than they are earning at that time.

You should never fall into complacency. It is necessary to keep your eyes open at all times to take advantage of employment opportunities and if you have free time start a business secondary to your usual work.

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When and How to Cut Financial Links

For many parents, finding the right time to cut financial ties with their children can be difficult.

When do you finish college? When do you start your first job? For many families these are questions without clear answers, and by avoiding them, you are putting off something inevitable.


When is the right time to cut ties?

When is the right time to cut ties?

  • When your heart begins to imply that it is time, the time has come . Many parents tend to wait longer than necessary to cut financial ties with their children for a sense of obligation.

The reality is that this misunderstanding loyalty is damaging your child’s personal growth through your financial support.

  • Think again about the moment when your parents cut financial ties with you . Ask yourself if it was the right time and if you learned important things.

It is the best example you have in your life about how to cut a child’s dependence on parents. It will serve as a frame of reference to decide when to do it yourself.

  • When your children are using the money to buy unnecessary things . If you see that your children are buying brand new cars and other expensive items, which are beyond their means and without your financial support they could not have it, it is time to consider reducing aid.

They are starting to use your money as part of their expected wages.

When they start to wait and demand the money you give them. When the help you give them begins to become something they have by right. It is time to stop giving and start living alone.


Tips for When the Time to Cut Financial Aid Arrives

Tips for When the Time to Cut Financial Aid Arrives

Make it clear why you are doing it . Don’t just say “In 6 months, I won’t help you anymore” because that only causes resentment.

Instead, reinforce the idea that you do it because you feel you are ready to be independent . Do not let the subject be about money, but about independence and respect for a mature person.

Let them know ahead of time . Do not limit yourself to cutting without notice, as they may have acquired financial commitments that depend on your support. On the other hand, if you give them a clear date, you can reduce your support little by little.

Offer them advice and financial support . Offer advice if they ask for it and if at any specific time they need financial support, give it to them. Although careful that it does not become a custom.




Choosing the most appropriate time to give periodic financial support to your children and the way to explain it to them are the two key points.

You should always frame this moment based on your confidence that they are already prepared.

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How to get money as quickly as possible | Mini Loan

On most occasions when you need to get money as quickly as possible and quickly it is necessary that that amount of money you have requested arrives your checking account as quickly as possible so that you can access it and use it for whatever you want.

Of all the types of financing products that exist the fastest to get money is using a credit card but what happens if you don’t have one or the credit limit money is not enough to meet your needs?

A financial product that it takes to grant

A financial product that it takes to grant

Applying for a credit card is not a solution since it is a financial product that it takes to grant. You have to send the documentation they ask for, you have to wait for the bank to study it and then it will tell you if it is granted or not. The process can take a couple of weeks or up to a month.

However, if there is a financial product focused on urgent money needs. In this case I am talking about the mini credit.

So you know how you can access the money from a mini loan as quickly as possible I will explain in the article today a series of guidelines that you must follow to access the money as soon as possible.

How to have a mini credit money in your account as soon as possible

How to have a mini credit money in your account as soon as possible

3 are the key points that you should keep in mind so that you can get money as quickly as possible and that it is in your account at the fastest speed. Let’s see what 3 points are:

Keep the documentation that you are going to request to hire the mini loan close by

In all the mini credits you request, they will ask you for the same documentation, so in order to expedite the granting of the money and its arrival in your checking account it is very important that you have all the papers that you are going to to ask for already prepared.

These papers are:

– Photocopy of your National Identity Document (DNI).

– A bank statement in which the holder and the current account are reflected, where the requested money will be deposited and where the fees will be paid, subsequently until the end of the mini loan.

– A document that justifies your periodic income. If you work for someone else, you are worth a payroll, if you work on your own you will need proof of income.

To send these documents, you generally have two options:

– Scan them and send them by email to the financial institution.

– Send them by fax to the number indicated by the entity that grants you the mini credit.

Both means are instantaneous, that is, the entity will receive the documents instantly in most cases, except for technical problems, which will greatly expedite the hiring of the mini loan.

Your bank must work with the mini credit entity

Your bank must work with the mini credit entity

Once you have been granted the mini loan, the next step is for the money you have requested to reach your checking account as soon as possible.

For this it is important that the bank where you have contracted the current account that you have indicated to get the money as quickly as possible is one of the entities with which the company that has granted you the mini credit works.

The mini credit companies have accounts in several banks to accurately expedite the arrival of money to customers requesting their mini credits but logically they do not have accounts in all banks.

If your checking account is in a bank with which the mini credit company works, then the money will arrive almost instantly because it would be a transfer between accounts of the same entity.

However, if this were not the case then a transfer would be made between accounts of different banks, so it would take time for the money to be available in your checking account between 24 hours and 48 hours.

Also, if there is a weekend or a holiday in between, this period may be longer.

Therefore, as you can see, this is not an unimportant aspect if you want to get the money as quickly as possible.

To know it, it is best to visit the website of the mini credit company since in most cases it clearly indicates it.

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How Can You Protect Your Home From Theft During the Holidays?

The holidays are here for many, but not for friends of others who are busy especially during these dates on the occasion of our absence at home.

In this sense, in 2015 alone there were 113,452 robberies with force in homes in Spain, according to data provided by the Ministry of Interior.

To make matters worse, the techniques have been refined, and now the thieves use frequency inhibitors to disable mobiles and alarms, as well as being aware of our trips through the indiscretions that we slip into social networks.

Therefore, you better be aware of all the tips and recommendations that we are going to tell you to shield your home during the holidays and get the ‘poo’ pass by.


Mondays, the preferred day to steal

day to steal

Did you know that Mondays are the day when more robberies are perpetrated? Yes, that is the day of the week with the highest incidence. Of course, there is also a ‘magic hour’ for thieves since they usually drop by our homes between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning. While the time slot between 06:00 and 07:00 is the quietest in these matters.

As for the date of the calendar most conducive to theft, it seems that between August 14 and 15 – national holiday – is when the poopers work the most.

However, we can add something positive and that the incidence of robberies has fallen compared to 2014. In fact, they have been reduced by 6.1%.


Tips to prevent theft during the holidays

Tips to prevent theft during the holidays

The truth is that if we use a series of guidelines, we can minimize the scares. In this sense, we should update ourselves on certain techniques that thieves are putting into practice to consummate their crimes. Take note:

  • If you are in the house, do not leave the key placed inside, since the thief can turn it from the outside with a powerful magnet.
  • If you notice strange marks on the housing portal, do not hesitate to call the police, as it can be information about some uninhabited housing, people who live in it, among other important details for a caco.
  • Be sure to leave doors and windows tightly closed. It may seem obvious, but it is not bad to remember.
  • Do not hide the keys in typical places. Those things better leave them for the movies and do not resort to the pot of the entrance to hide your keys.
  • Hide valuables. That is, do not leave valuable objects that tempt potential thieves in sight of doors or windows.
  • Security door. It is best to opt for an armored car, but if it is not possible, make sure that at least it incorporates two closures and that there is no gap below.
  • Keep the mailbox empty. A mailbox full of letters is the most obvious symptom of uninhabited housing. Ask someone to collect your mail so as not to raise suspicions among friends of others.
  • Signs of life at home. If the blinds are not closed at all, there is some light and even if home automation helps you create that theater of people swarming around the house, perfect to scare away thieves.
  • Alarm. Obviously if you have one in the house, much better to avoid the ‘unexpected visits’.
  • Install bars. Of course you should weigh this option if you reside in a chalet, a low house or even an attic.

This is, in broad strokes, the package of measures you must take to keep thieves’ visits at bay. However, we must add two more that are the product of the new times. Yes, we talk about our passion to tell our trips on social networks and the dangers of geolocation.


Better tell your trip ‘deferred’ and not ‘live’

A budget helps you sleep better at night

In this sense, we must restrain our desire to tell that we are going on a trip before doing it and, of course, during. If we did we would be paving the way for thieves who would know when we are leaving and when we will return.

In addition, we must check the privacy of our social accounts and ensure that they are only accessible to friends and family and not a public square through which anyone walks.

It also disconnects the geolocation of the mobile so that it does not chive where you are from.


An online loan to install a security system in your home

An online loan to install a security system in your home

Do not forget that if you need financial support to install an alarm or an armored door in your home and, in this way, breathe easier during your trip, in our online loan comparator you can consult a wide catalog of credits and request the most convenient .

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Help with payday loans debt consolidation -Request consolidation loans

Domain widely subject to changes in regulations and law, credit redemption raises many questions from individuals. Clicking Here for some answers to the most commonly asked questions, helping you to better understand payday loan consolidation techniques.

Request consolidation loans to pay off payday loans

Yes, loan restructuring is also for people who are not over-indebted but in a situation of moderate indebtedness. They can through credit redemption reduce their debt ratio for several reasons: Continue reading

Loans for you!

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Zimus is one of the entities that has an interesting range of financing products that adapt to the particular needs of customers. In this regard, it should be noted that this entity has returned to market its loan promotion with interest reimbursement. Thus, those who contract a Zimus loan between April 1 and June 30, 2012 can benefit from the return of 10% of the interest paid during a year . The loans that participate in this promotion are the Personalized Loan , Immediate Loan PIDE, the Personal Online Loan , and the Zimus Car Loan through which you can get between 3,000 and 60,000 euros , to repay them in terms of between 1 and 10 years . Continue reading